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Agribusiness entrepreneurship potentials among youths in Nigeria: Case of Ibadan Metropolitan Area Olubunmi O. Alawode
Abdulmumeen A. Jinadu
Yetunde O. M. Oladokun
Addressing the youth skills gap through skills-based university curricula / Evidence from a quasi-experimental evaluation of a blended learning program in Rwanda Rebecca Bier
Christopher Chibwana
Radhika Lokur
Jeffery McManus
Creating opportunities for young women in Ghana’s construction sector Alexandra Löwe
Création des Micros entreprises non Agricoles en Milieu Rural au Togo KOUDJOM Etayibtalnam
TSAMBOU André Dumas
Does Educational Investment Enhance Capacity Development for Nigerian Youths? An Autoregressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) Approach Lotanna Ernest Emediegwu
Does Educational Investment Enhance Capacity Development for Nigerian Youths? An Autoregressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) Approach Lotanna Ernest Emediegwu
Efficacité du dispositif d’accompagnement à l’insertion professionnelle des jeunes au Sénégal Mamadou Laye NDOYE
Aliou SECK
Ending Youth Unemployment in Sub-Sahara Africa: Does ICT Development have any Role? Amaka G. Metu
Emmanuel Adujua
Ifeoma Eboh
Chimezie Ukeje
Entreprendre dans l’agro–industrie : choix ou dernier recours des jeunes en R.D. Congo ? Mangole Dady Cool
Dontsop–Nguezet Paul
Entrepreneurial motivation, psychological capital and youth business success Akilimali Ndatabaye Ephrem
Ishara Kachiko Charmant
Mulindangabo Neema Lydie
Paul Martin Dontsop Nguezet
Alex Bignotti
Entrepreneurship contributes to household foodsecurity and welfare in Malawi Henry Kankwanda
Exploring the pattern and framework conditions of technology-based entrepreneurial activities in Africa Otioma Chuks
Externalities of irrigation policy on youth Entrepreneurship in Malawi Lucius Cassim
Laeticia Pemba
Fostering labour productivity growth for the creation of productive and decent job in sub-Saharan African countries: the role of institutional quality Koffi KPOGNON
Mamadou BAH
Handicraft small enterprises as a tool for employment, poverty eradication and rural economic growth Oluwayemisi Adebola Oyekunle
Heterogeneous impacts of cash transfers on farm profitability. Evidence from a randomized study in Lesotho Ervin Prifti
Impact des services publics d’emplois sur la qualité de l’emploi des jeunes en Afrique Subsaharienne Francophone : Le rôle des techniques de recherche d’emploi (TRE) BEDZEME Thierry
Impact of Agribusiness Training Programmes on Youth Empowermentin Nigeria: The case of Fadama GUYS Programme Dolapo .F. Adeyanjua
John Mburua
Djana Mignounab
Internal migration and youth entrepreneurshipin Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) A. Kikandi Kiuma
Abdelkrim Araar
Kamala C. Kaghoma
Labor Market Flexibility and Jobs in Four African Countries Andinet Woldemichael