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African Economic Conference 2011

Day 4 - October 28, 2011

African Economic Conference Urges African Countries to Take Ownership of Green Growth Agenda

Africa should unleash its immense natural resources to pursue sustainable economic growth and development, participants at the African Economic Conference said at the end of the event  on Friday in Addis Ababa.

Africa has sustained a decade of solid progress, including impressive rates of economic growth. But the region faces the daunting task of making growth more broadly shared, creating employment and sustaining human development, in a sustainable way. Read more

Day 1 - October 25, 2011, Opening Ceremony

World’s Economic Woes Could Harm Africa but Continent Set on ‘Green Growth’

Over the four-day event, economists, climate change experts and researchers will tackle the question of how Africa can grow and create much-needed jobs without adding to global environmental problems.

The AfDB chief economist said the African continent “suffers unfairly” from climate change.  He explained that although Africa contributes only four percent of global greenhouse gases, it is at the “receiving end” of more than its fair share of climate change effects, such as scarce water and extreme weather variations. Read more

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