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Households and Market Competition


African Governments Urged to Protect Small Farmers

African governments need to boost agriculture on the continent to help feed the growing population by lending their support to technological advances, declared a senior representative of the African Development Bank (AfDB) at the African Economic Conference in Addis Ababa on Wednesday.

The AfDB’s principal evaluation officer, Guy Blaise Nkamleu, presented a paper on “Extensification versus Intensification: Revisiting the Role of Land in African Agriculture Growth” in the Ethiopian capital.  Read more


Chair: Xiaoning Gong, Chief, Economic Statistics and National Accounts Section, UNECA

Paper 1 - Household Credit, Consumption and Asset Growth in Urban Ethiopia - Abbi Kedir and Gamal Ibrahim, Department of Economics, University of Leicester, UK / UNECA

  •   Discussant: Samuel Bwalya, Economic Advisor, UNDP Country Office, Ethiopia

Paper 2 - Market Competition in Export Cash Crops and Farm Income - Nicholas Depetris Chauvin and Guido Porto, Dubai School of Government / Universidad de la Plata

  •   Discussant: Ginette P. M. Camara, Economic Advisor, UNDP Country Office, Chad

Paper 3 - Agricultural Sector Investment, Outsourcing and Political Risks: The Case of Kenya's Flower Trade with the EU - William Amponsah and Andrew Muhammad, School of Economic Development, Georgia Southern University, USA / US Department of Agriculture

  •   Discussant: Souleymane Abdallah, Economic Affairs Officer, FIIS, EDND, UNECA

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