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1st Plenary (Special) Session - Promoting the Green Economy for Africa's Structural Transformation


Promoting Green Economy for Africa’s Structural Transformation

The green economy provides an innovative response framework for the structural transformation of the global economy, which has become inevitable given the global threats and impacts of climate change, said Desta Mebratu, the Africa Regional Office Deputy Director of the United Nations Environment Programme.

Desta was speaking on Wednesday in Addis at the sixth African Economic Conference organized by the African Development Bank, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa and the United Nations Development programme, on the theme ‘Green Economy and Structural Transformation’.

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  • Moderator: - Josue Dione, Director, Food Security and Sustainable Development, UNECA
  • Presenter: Desta Mebratu, Deputy Director, Regional Office for Africa, UNEP, Nairobi
  • Panelist: Ben Kaluwa, Professor of Economics, University of Malawi, Malawi
  • Panelist: Afeikhena Jerome, Coordinator, State Peer Review Mechanism, Governor's Forum, Abuja
  • Panelist: Augustin Fosu, Deputy Director, United Nations University, WIDER, Helsinki, Finland

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