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African Economic Conference 2008

12-14 November 2008 - Tunis, Tunisia

Welcome to the African Economic Conference website. This website provides you with useful information you need to participate in the largest African economic conference.

Since the early 2000s, Africa has witnessed higher economic growth than in the 1980s and 1990s. This improvement is largely due to high commodity (especially oil) prices, better economic policies implemented by African governments, and the end of hostilities in a number of countries. Nonetheless, serious internal challenges remain in several key areas. In addition, major world economies are battling the consequences of turmoil in credit markets, its upshot on Africa still being uncertain and high oil and food prices are serious threats for many countries.

African governments need to design strategies to sustain the current growth performance. In that regard, economic policy formulation is still hampered by the lack of research and information on economic issues of interest to the continent. Hence, there arises the critical role of knowledge as an engine of economic development of Africa.

Against this background, the Economic Commission for Africa and the African Development Bank organize the third annual African Economic Conference, to provide a forum for exchanging ideas among economists and policymakers, to improve access to information and research on economic issues and, accordingly, the quality of economic policy in the region.

To ensure your presence among experts, researchers and members of governmental institutions who will discuss recent economic trends and future developments.

In parallel to the African Economic Conference, an extraordinary Forum of Ministers of Economy and Finance will be held on 12 November 2008 to enable the examination of the consequences of the financial crisis on African economies.

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