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Role of the Private Sector in Promoting Green Technology


Overcoming Barriers to Private Sector Investment in Clean Technology

Smart renewable energy policy could be used to overcome barriers to private sector investment in clean energy in order to secure additional sources of financing.

This was suggested during the session on the Role of the Private Sector in promoting Green Technology at the sixth African Economic Conference in Addis Ababa.  Read more

  • Chair: Pedro Conceicao, Chief Economist, Regional Bureau for Africa, UNDP
  • Presenter: Tom Nagle, World Resources Institute
  • Panelist: Ouseman Kane, Chair, Commission of Relations, National Academy of Sciences annd Technology of Senegal
  • Panelist: Genevesi Ogiogio, Executive Director, Centre for Institutional Development, Harare
  • Panelist: Chinedum Nwajiuba, Executive Director, Nigerian Environmental Study/ Action Team

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