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Analyse comparative des effets de la ZLECAf sur les impacts économiques de la Covid-19 en Afrique du Nord et Australe Pousseni Bakouan
Issaka Dialga
Patrice Rélouendé Zidouemba
Assessing policy choice to improve african investment and fiscal reforms Manitra A. Rakotoarisoa
COVID-19 and Perceived Effects on Agricultural Financing in Africa: Evidence and Policy Implications Yaya Koloma
Francis Hypolite Kemeze
Digital Financing Frameworks, Gendered Entrepreneurship, and the New Equation Iraoya Augustine Okhale
Gbadebo Odularu
Do financial innovations improve financial inclusion? Evidence from Mobile Money adoption in Africa Hermann Ndoya Hegueu
Désiré Avom
Chrysost Bangaké
Does digitization limit the proliferation of the shadow economy in african countries? An in-depth panel analysis Emmanuel Haruna Umoru
Alhassan Usman
Does Tax Digitalisation Improve Tax Revenues Collection in Sub-Saharan Africa? Nassibou Bassongui
Honoré S. Houngbédji
Dynamic Heterogeneous Panel Analysis of FDI Inflows and Poverty Reduction in ECOWAS Sub Region: Implications for the Agenda 2030 Aderemi, Timothy Ayomitunde
Omitogun, Olawunmi, (Ph.D)
Olayemi, Henry Omotayo
Adeniran Aderinsola, Abosede
Effect of infrastructure development on industrialization through financial development and human capital in Africa Guivis Zeufack Nkemgha
Tii N. Nchofoung
Entrepreneurs’ willingness to engage in innovative and green business practices in Togo Koffi M. Adji
Aklesso Y. G. Egbendewe
Boris O. K. Lokonon
Envoi des fonds des migrants et croissance économique au Cameroun : le rôle du développement financier MELA Christel
TIMBI Sézard
Financial Development, Economic Growth and Agenda (2063) of the African Union Toussaint Houeninvo
Germain Lankoande
Fiscal sustainability in Africa: Accelerating the post-COVID-19 recovery through improved public finances Edward Sennoga
Lacina Balma
Foreign Direct and Public Private Partnership Investments for Inclusive and Sustainable Reconstruction of Uganda amidst Covid-19 pandemic Dr.Umar Kabanda
Mr.Corti Paul Lakuma
From pandemic to recovery: Evidence from the effect of survival fund post-covid-19 recovery strategies on rural enterprises in Northcentral, Nigeria Daudu, A.K
Awotide, B.A.
Kareem, O.W
Olatinwo, L.K
Globalization and Industrial Development in Nigeria: A Curse or Cure? Olufemi Samuel OMOYELE, PhD
Samson Oluwole OLOWO, PhD
Wahid Damilola OLANIPEKUN, PhD
Timothy Ayomitunde ADEREMI, PhD in View
How sustainable is the public debt in Africa under Covid-19 induced uncertainty? Evidence from Côte d’Ivoire? Sassire Napo
Intégration – commerciale, budgétaire, financière – régionale et inégalités de revenu dans la Communauté économique des Etats de l’Afrique de l’ouest (CEDEAO) Mawuli K. Couchoro
Léleng Kebalo
Hamitande Dout
Stéphane Zouri
Les canaux de transmission des effets des TIC sur la mobilisation des recettes fiscales par la diffusion des TIC en Afrique Bruno Emmanuel ONGO NKOA
Jacques Simon SONG
Macroprudential Regulation, Stability and Credit Market in Kenya Samuel Kiemo
Making Finance Human and Sustainable Jacob Assa
On the revenue efficiency consequences of tax transition reform : The case of WAEMU countries Kodjo ADANDOHOIN
Policy approaches for financing Africa's post Covid-19 development through taxing the digital economy Marie-Louise F. Aren
Political Economy and Africa's Financial Development: The Case of Eastern and West African Sub-regions Jeremiah O. EJEMEYOVWI
Ebenezer E.I.K BOWALE
Post-COVID-19 recovery for African economies: lessons for digital financial inclusion from Kenya and Uganda Regean Mugume
Enock. W.N. Bulime
Quality Financial Inclusion and Impact on Financial Vulnerability in South Africa: A Quantile Regression Approach
Small Business Use of Online Tax Filling System in Nigeria Uchenna Efobi
Ibukun Beecroft
Tanankem Belmondo
Tax evasion activities in financially constrained firms: Evidence from Africa Mma Amara Ekeruche
Tax revenue mobilization in sub-Saharan Africa: Does political legitimacy matters? Idrissa OUEDRAOGO
The end of tax incentives in mining? Tax policy and mining foreign direct investment in Africa Coulibaly Seydou
Camara Abdramane