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Terence Mathe, Managing Director of Southern Incineration Services

Terence Mathe is Managing Director of Southern Incineration Services, a business he co-founded and has grown over the past 4 years to become Zimbabwe’s largest provider of biomedical and hazardous waste management solutions.

Every time you are attended to at a hospital, do you ever wonder what happens to the used syringes, gloves and cotton. Behind the scenes SISCO is hard at work providing reliable, affordable and environmental-friendly biomedical waste management solutions so that medical institutions concentrate on their core-business of delivering quality healthcare. SISCO currently operates 3 incineration plants with a combined capacity of handling 600 kg per hour of waste and has collection points in 12 cities and towns across Zimbabwe.

We count Zimbabwe’s largest private hospitals, clinics and private labs as clients. Our product offering has increased to include provision of sanitary bins to office blocks, incineration of confidential documents for companies and embassies and destruction of contraband to local authorities.

We have grown to include 2 sister companies. There is an environmental consultancy and a manufacturing arm that produces refractories and distribution of related products.

Terence Mathe was featured in the 2019 edition of Forbes 30 under 30 listing as one of Africa’s rising business leaders.

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