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Dester Zeogar Wilson, Minister of Youth & Sports, Republic of Liberia

Dester Zeogar Wilson is the Minister of Youth & Sports of the Republic of Liberia.  In this capacity, he also serves as Chairman of the Inter-Ministerial Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Taskforce. 

Mr. Wilson graduated from the University of Liberia where he obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics and went on to pursue his graduate degree at the Holy Family University in Northeast Philadelphia, earning a Master of Science Degree in Information Systems Management.

Mr. Wilson has a rich history and experience in social development. Prior to him becoming Minister of Youth & Sports, he served as Assistant Minister for Administration at the Ministry of Youth & Sports where he oversaw all aspects of Administration from 1995-2000, and Vice President for Technical Affairs, Mighty Barrole Sports Association of Liberia.  In the United States, Mr. Wilson served as President, Trenton Chapter of Mighty Barrole Sports Association and Vice President for International Affairs of the said Association.  From 2009-2017, Mr. Wilson served in senior management positions for several social services organizations in the United States where he oversaw the development and execution of both private and public social welfare programs. He served as Director at Kensington Community Corporation for Individual Dignity and Chief Executive Officer at National Care Human Services where he directed all operations of Community Homes and ensured compliance with applicable State and local laws.

Mr. Wilson also served as Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the South Jersey Chapter of United Bassa Organizations in the Americas (UNIBOA) and later became National President of UNIBOA.   

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