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Mr. Regis Umugiraneza, co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Carl Group Company

Regis is the cofounder & Director at Carl Group. He first brought about what was at first regarded as a "crazy idea", the idea of making pasta out of sweet potatoes - something later proven to be possible, and where CARL Group stemmed from.

Regis identifies himself as having an entrepreneurial eye; and an ambitious, patient and optimistic person. Having grown up in an area where sweet potatoes were grown extensively, Regis found himself eating sweet potatoes as his daily meal from morning to evening, without tasting any other alternative dish. That pushed him to wonder if there were any other ways sweet potatoes could be processed to create more variety in his dishes.

Inspired by that notion, Regis studied Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics and took Food Science courses at The University of Rwanda

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