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DAY ONE: Monday, December 3rd 2018

Registration of Participants
Official Opening Ceremony
Press Conference
Tea / Coffee break
Plenary Session 1: High-Level Panel: Drivers, opportunities and lessons for Africa’s integration (ECA, UNDP, and AfDB)
Lunch break
Plenary Session 2: Infrastructure for Africa’s integration (AfDB)
Tea / Coffee break
Plenary session 3: Leverage private sector for Africa’s integration (ECA)
Special Event A: Accelerating Inclusive Regional Integration(UNDP)
Cocktail Event hosted by UNDP

DAY TWO: Tuesday, December 4th 2018

Plenary session 4 :Institutions and Partnerships for effective integration (UNDP)
Tea/coffee break
Concurrent session 1: Opportunities and drivers of Africa’s integration (Research Paper Presentations) - UNDP
  • 1.1: Status, lessons learned and drivers of Africa’ economic integration
  • 1.2: Status, lessons learned and drivers of Africa’ social integration : poverty and inequality
  • 1.3: Status, lessons learned and drivers of Africa’ social integration : welfare
  • 1.4: Status, lessons learned and drivers of Africa’s environmental integration
Lunch Dialogues
AfDB Lunch Dialogue 1: AfDB and the Kofi Annan Foundation: Discussion on Intra-African Food Market Integration: Challenges and Policy Options Report
Special Event B: What Next After the Launch: Implementing the AfCFTA? (Launch of 2018 Visa Openness Index)
Tea and coffee break
Concurrent Session 2: Infrastructure for Africa’s integration (Research Paper Presentations) - AfDB
  • 2.1: Integrating infrastructure and facilitating movement of people, goods and services
  • 2.2: Transforming RECs to achieve Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement, Agenda 2063 and Agenda 2030 goals on integration
  • 2.3: Accelerating policy and institutional harmonization, people’s integration across the continent
Special Event C:Launch of the SDG Report and the African Governance Report (ECA)
AfDB Dinner Dialogue: :AfDB and Kofi Annan Foundation Special Event: (by invitation only)

DAY THREE: Wednesday, December 5th 2018

Concurrent session 3: Leveraging private sector and partnerships for Africa’s integration (Research Paper Presentations) - ECA
  • 3.1: Creating an enabling environment for doing business across Africa
  • 3.2: Building value chains, growing businesses and creating entrepreneurs
  • 3.3: Innovations in sustainable finance for intra-Africa trade
  • 3.4: Fostering accountability and interconnectedness for trade and investment between Africa and the world
Tea and coffee break
Plenary session 5: Driving Equity, Inclusion, and Innovation for Africa’s Transformation through Regional Integration
Presentation of the Best Paper Award
Lunch dialogue
  • AfDB Lunch Dialogue 2 - Capital Flight from Africa: Channels, Actors and Enablers