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Priya Lukka, Economic development specialist

Priya Lukka is an economic development specialist with an research interest in green and decent jobs. She has pioneered work on the challenges of inclusive job creation through creating a body of evidence with the ILO, and the global Trade Union movement on how projects and initiatives have tackled job creation with better ecological and green outcomes.  She has extensive experience in designing and implementing integrated policy, advocacy, programme initiatives in the areas of economic justice and climate change. More recently, Priya has explored new policy directions through leading work on decolonising development and the need for international non-governmental organisations to undertake deep analysis on whether they unconsciously reinforcing colonial systems and approaches, which are harmful to the communities they seek to support. As a former regulator, she designed the first ever Sharia-compliant, regulatory system for the Islamic mortgage market in the UK collaborating with Sharia scholars across the country to design and consult on culturally appropriate protections. She has also spent much of her career conducting evaluations at a country level and for donor-funded programmes, including the UN, The Wellcome Trust and DfID, in Zimbabwe, Lebanon and Brazil. She has also worked for award winning Social Enterprise, ‘Saath’ (UN Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneur prize-winner) in India designing microfinance programmes in rural and urban settings. sector.

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