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Dr. Hassan Yousif, Advisor to the National Population Council, Sudan

Dr. Hassan Yousif is a development economist and demographer. He worked at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analyses (IIASA) in Vienna where he further harnessed his scientific contributions to the advancement of multidisciplinary knowledge on social development research. He worked with the Government of Botswana on developing a national population policy and programs for its implementation. In 1998 he joined the UNDP/NLTPS African Futures regional project, through which he provided technical support on long-term visions and strategic planning to several countries in Africa (Namibia, Swaziland, Sierra Leone, and Zambia).   In 2004 Dr. Yousif joined the UN Economic Commission for Africa.  At ECA Dr. Yousif supervised the implementation of strategic activities on population and development, employment, social protection, aging, the family, international migration, and prepared regional reports and contributions to the UN Secretary General reports on these themes. Currently he is advisor to the National Population Council, Sudan.

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