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Dr Ngozi Rosemary Obike Azodoh

Ngozi Rosemary Obike Azodoh, is a public health physician, a Consummate administrator with over 15 years experience in management. Currently she is responsible for the National Health Sector COVID-19 Pandemic Response Action Plan for Nigeria; a road map for the Health Sector response and also Secretary of the Ministerial Expert Advisory Committee on COVID-19. She is also the Director responsible for Coordinating National Health policies and plans and was the first Director of International Health for Nigeria, representing Nigeria on the Executive Board of the World Health Organization. She has been a panelist at the World Economic Forum, and the Harvard Business Roundtable. Dr. Ngozi Azodoh was responsible for coordinating the development of the National Health Act, Health Emergency, Resource Mobilization and driving the Health MDGs/ SDGs efforts. Dr. Azodoh, is a pioneering leader in Global Health and Security, leading the FGN Humanitarian Health development in Fragile, Conflict and Vulnerable Populations, pioneering Humanitarian Health interventions in the North East. She was a pioneer Director Health and Nutrition Project in the North East, the largest public sector humanitarian health intervention in Nigeria . A member of the Nigeria Institute of Management, she is passionate about community, youth and women Empowerment and ministry of the gospel of Jesus Christ for which she has been recognised with honours including Eziada Amuda Isuochi. She is an ordained Assistant Pastor in the RCCG. She is happily married to Dr Pst Eva Azodoh and they are blessed with children and grandchildren.

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