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03-Dec-2019 African Development Bank launches digital tool to help African youth learn to code
03-Dec-2019 Conférence économique africaine à Charm el Cheikh : « réformer l’offre de formation et le marché du travail pour offrir plus d’opportunités aux jeunes africains », indique un panel d’experts
03-Dec-2019 Doughnuts from sweet potatoes: young African entrepreneur makes business a tasty success
02-Dec-2019 African Economic Conference 2019 – participants converge on Sharm El Sheikh to debate jobs, skills and capacity development for Africa’s youth
02-Dec-2019 2019 African Economic Conference: A clarion call for bolder action to tackle Africa’s youth jobs crisis
25-Nov-2019 AEC 2019: Only a competitive youth will guarantee Africa’s sustainable inclusive economic growth – African Development Bank Chief Economist Charles Lufumpa
20-Nov-2019 Charming Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt lays the red carpet for the 14th Edition of the African Economic Conference
24-Oct-2019 2019 African Economic Conference in Sharm el-Sheikh to foster jobs, entrepreneurship and capacity development for African youths
28-Jun-2019 Call for Papers - African Economic Conference 2019
06-Dec-2018 AEC Urges African Countries to embrace economic integration as game changer for inclusive sustainable growth
05-Dec-2018 New Africa’s Sustainable Development report urges improved planning to leverage potential of urbanization and address attendant environmental challenges
05-Dec-2018 AEC2018: African Governance Report calls for better management of natural resources